Artistic Visions is the home gallery of Ophir Palmon, a story-telling photographer and artist. The essence of Ophir's photography is emotions and personalities, and through them he conveys stories and experiences of life. By witnessing people in their element he creates images that capture their thoughts and emotions, as-well-as the physical state or their surroundings. Ophir has been creating his quality, intimate artwork around the world for over 20 years.

"My photographs depict life and the human experience in all its forms. Light is my brush; I use it to capture mood and atmosphere. The essence of geometric shape has always intrigued me, and I often search for new meaning and new perceptions within the visually common. My take on the combination of graphic patterns and the human body lead to the success of the first Body Lines project in 1999-2000. I have since found myself at that same creative intersection, each time leading to different results. As always, I am excited to learn the various perceptions others will have of my art."

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