How I Work

The details of who, how, where, when, and why, and how you may fit in.

 WHAT I DO: I photograph individuals, groups, and families as they go through their experience, and create visual life stories based on it. These life stories span from a celebratory event to an ordinary day. I strive to do my work without being noticed by the people I photograph or influence the moments unfolding in front of me. I prefer to let the photographed environment remain as natural and real as can be, and progress as if I am not there photographing it. I refrain from asking people to “pose” for me or “repeat” something they did so I can capture it. My goal is to create a visual testimony that is free of pretense and artificiality – just the people before me, their time and spirit. Ultimately, I want to present my clients with a finished product that will return them back emotionally to those scenes, allowing them to relive them time and again.

  WHAT ELSE I DO: In addition to commissioned Life Stories projects and other for-hire photography work, I enjoy developing and producing projects of my own interest. These projects typically consist of abstract work and often involve other people who join me to work on them. The most prominent example of these is the Body Lines project.

 HOW A PROJECT IS DEVELOPED: I will meet with you for a free consultation meeting to learn about your plans and expectations and allow you an opportunity to ask questions about my work and creative process. We will discuss the prospect of your project, and lay out a tentative work plan. I will present you with a budget estimate for the project, and explain how I plan to approach it artistically. When we both feel comfortable with cooperating on the project and agree to work together, we will sign a photography commission agreement.
The next step will be to devote additional time to plan the project in more details. People to concentrate on and when, times and locations for different legs of the project, and an artistic approach will all be discussed and finalized. We will also meet closer to the project time to orient ourselves to details of the project, and to update on any last minute changes

 PRODUCTION: Once all principal photography for the project has concluded, I will create an online gallery of the project for you to view. This preview gallery will allow you to view the project on your home computer or personal device and list a selection of images you wish to proceed with to the next step. The selection you make will be added to the preview set and will help you to streamline your final selection. At that point, we may begin working on designing a book, an album, or a selection of images to print and frame. You may take as long as you find necessary to compose your selection, however, you are encouraged to make your selection as soon as you can. I will be happy to assist you with any parts of the selection process and make sure your scope is clear and consistent.

 PRODUCTS: The last stage of each project is creating a physical memory that will be cherished for years to come. The most popular choice my clients make is a photo book, which can hold dozens of images and tell the story in sharp details. Large framed images and smaller desktop frames are also a common choice, all depending on taste and placement. Copyright marked files of individually purchased images may be provided per request, however, I do not offer digital images for sale, as that precludes me from ensuring the quality of which the images are reproduced. As tempting as you may find offers of ‘images on a thumb drive’, once you witness the quality of my printed work you will realize the difference between these options.

 PRICES: All of my commissioned projects are priced based on time invested in photographing the project, and on the value of purchased products. Project development meetings and production time are not billed for. I am happy to give rough estimates for a project once I understand the scale and scope of it. Smaller projects may total a few hundred dollars, but most Life Stories commissions may cost a total of over three thousand dollars.

 LOCATION: I follow the story wherever it may take place, even outside my immediate geographical area. If travel is required for a project, those details will be discussed, coordinated and agreed upon as part of the preparations for the project. Over my career, I have traveled to many locations around the world as part of photographing projects, and I am always happy to do it barring conflicts of schedule. Keeping one person as the principal photographer of a project gives it a consistent voice and solid presentation.

  PAYMENTS: A deposit is made when a photography commission agreement is signed. Those funds are kept on your account for use of photography time and purchased work charges later on. The deposit also acts as a form of securing the dates of the project for the client, and as such is non-refundable When a purchase amount exceeds the amount of money available on the account, the difference must be paid at the time the order is placed. If a client wishes to pay an amount due in installments, we will form a payment schedule and sign a separate agreement to that effect. The purchased product will be delivered once the account is fully settled.
 I accept checks, credit cards, and PayPal payments. All credit card transactions are processed through PayPal. You may pay a PayPal invoices with a PayPal account or any credit card. This method ensures your purchase against any unforeseen surprises. Please read PayPal’s buyer protection for more details.

 HANDLING MY WORK: Each project is tailored to the vision, needs, and wishes of a specific client. I do not offer images from a project to parties outside it (i.e. image banks, commercial photography.) You may share the preview gallery of your project with your friends and family, friends, and colleagues, and they may form their purchase directly from me. From time to time I update my website with images from recently commissioned works, but always with the approval of the client. I follow the same rule for my own projects, and for as much as someone may be recognized in an image I created, I will only publish that image with their knowledge and approval.

  REFUSING PROJECTS: Artistic Visions is a small studio, and I perform all the photography work by myself. I do not employ other photographers or assistants, and I never let others do work which I took upon myself. My clients choose me for my reputation, my love of art, and for the unique way by which I create my work. If I feel I cannot do a job I am presented with to the standards I have placed for myself, or if a project contradicts my convictions or artistic taste, I will politely refuse it and explain why.

 MY REPUTATION: I have over twenty-five years of experience as a photographer, with numerous life story projects and a dozen gallery exhibits to my record. In case you wish to check out recommendations, I will be happy to refer you to people I have previously worked with, who can share their experience with you.

  CONGRATULATIONS! You have read this long article all the way to the end, and I thank you for your patience. If you still have a question on these or other issues, please contact me, and I will be happy to answer.